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About us

About us

Jiangsu Wanke Scientific Instrument company is a private enterprise. Formerly, it was known as Jiangsu Xuzhou Cultural Development company that was founded in 2005, and the registered capital for the company is 5.1 million Chinese Yuan. The company has been renamed as Jiangsu Wanke in 2012. Our company was located at Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province.There are 5 professional sales staffs, 3 technical engineers and 2 staffs in consumer service department. We are working with all major colleges, universities, government departments, enterprise lab equipment, B2C sales and etc. Jiangsu Wanke is an enterprise can provide integrated best services to our clients.
The majorareas of business: Life science instruments, Chemical analysis instrument, Inspection instruments, environmental online monitoring equipment, Water quality analysis instruments, Pathophysiological apparatus, Physical instrumentation, Environmental health and laboratory of general instrument.
Our major products: gas-phase, liquid phase, Atomic absorption,
Atomic fluorescence spectrometry, Ion chromatography, Water Purifier,Ultra-low temperature freezer, MicroplateReader/Microplate Washer, PCR instrument/quantitative fluorescence PCR instrument, Centrifugal machine, Shakers, scales, autoclaves, Microbial identification systems, protein purification, nitrogen tanks, Ultra high-low suppressed chromatography, incubator, scanning electron microscopy, x-ray diffractometer, ore analyzers, oil analyzers, etc.
The brands we carried:Nanalysis, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Implen, SHIMADZU, Innov-X, IKA, Millipore, ZEALWAY, Leica, Haier,FEI, JUNYI ELECTROPHORESIS and WAYEE INSTRUMENT. And Jiangsu Normal University Chemistry and Chemical Engineering department provides us technical support.
Our company pays particular focus on building our corporate culture and our team of talents. The core of our corporate culture lies in the idea where "the employees and company grow and develop together". As our company continues to grow, our staff shall also be given opportunities to train, learn, and shall be given room to fully maximize their potential and personal values. "Responsibility, innovation and co-operation" serve as our company's core values, and remains as the backbone to our entire staff's ethical and professional standards.
Our company has always kept the following ideas as part of its core values: education at its core, teaching the value of service, building on trust, operating ethically. We have been serving the needs of various types of schools with our excellent products, comprehensive service and reasonable pricing. Based on the principle of "quality, reputation and service first", our company operates on the principle concept of "professionalism and honesty", while providing top-notch products and comprehensive after-sales services to our various clients from institutes of higher education. Operating on this basis we have earned a great reputation amongst our clients. We believe that we can do better, and shall continue to uphold the idea of "increasing customers' level of satisfaction" as our goal, while providing even better service and more professional, advanced equipment to our customers, all the while collaborating with them in pushing the development of education and scientific research forward.

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